ULI Cincinnati currently has several active committees, listed below. Joining a committee is the best way to get the maximum value out of your ULI membership. We need you!



District Council Chair – Steve Kenat, GBBN
District Council Treasurer – Christine Russell, City of Springdale
Management Committee Members –

  • Doug Bolton, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Jason Chamlee, The Model Group
  • Kelly Clements, PNC Bank
  • Philip Denning, City of Cincinnati
  • Mike Dooley, Bayer Becker
  • Bob Garlock, Bayer Becker
  • Angie Gill, Miller Valentine Group
  • Monica Gearding, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
  • Darin Hall, Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority
  • Nick Hoyng, Danis
  • Dan McCarthy, Carter
  • Amanda Kladakis, Neyer Properties, Inc.
  • Tom Powers, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Tom Rowe, Terrex Development & Construction
  • Sean Suder, Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
  • Jim Zentmeyer, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
  • Tim Broderick, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Will Basil, Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority
  • Chad Gagnon, Eagle Realty Group
  • Andrew Juengling, Liberty Township, OH

District Council Coordinator – Kim Fantaci, ULI Cincinnati


Advisory Board Chair – Dan McCarthy, Carter
Advisory Board  Members –

  • Oscar Bedolla, City of Cincinnati
  • Doug Bolton, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Shaun Bond, University of Cincinnati
  • Bruce Crutcher, First Financial Bank
  • Terry Evans, Kroger
  • Lou George, Louis D. George Consulting
  • David Ginsburg, Downtown Cincinnati, Inc.
  • Scott Golan, BKD LLP
  • Steve Kenat, GBBN Architects
  • Peg Moertl, PNC Bank
  • David Neyer
  • Tom Powers, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Kevin Riley, North American Properties
  • Tom Rowe, Terrex Development & Construction
  • Christine Russell, City of Springdale
  • Mario San Marco, Eagle Realty Group
  • Jeanne Schroer, Catalytic Development Funding Corp. of Northern Kentucky
  • Tim Steigerwald, Messer Construction Co.
  • Susan Thomas, Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority


  • MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEEresponsible for recruiting and retaining members
    Co-Chairs – Kelly Clements, PNC Bank and Chad Gagnon, Eagle Realty Group
    Members – Bob Garlock, Bayer Becker; Andrew Juengling, Liberty Township; Doug Hinger, D-HAS/Great Traditions; Chrissy Isabell, Cushman & Wakefield;
    and Dean Gallo, LOTH, Inc.
  • SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEEsolicits corporate and individual funding for our District Council
    Co-Chairs – Bob Garlock, Bayer Becker and Doug Bolton, Cushman & Wakefield
    Members – Nick Hoyng, Danis; Dave Neyer and Sean Balnes, Saint Francis Group
  • PROGRAMS COMMITTEEplans and develops program events
    Co-Chairs – Tom Powers, SIOR, CCIM, Cushman & Wakefield and Dan McCarthy, Carter
    Members – Reid Abernethy, Miller-Valentine Group;  Matt Nemecek, Civil & Environmental Consultants; Michael Collins, CPS Consulting; David Wright, The Kleingers Group; Dobbs Ackermann, Ackermann Group; James Noyes, Hamilton County; Bruce Crutcher, First Financial Bank; Tanya Brownrigg, Cushman & Wakefield; Jason Revalee, Revalee Design; Matt Jacob, Cushman & Wakefield; Peter Marrocco, Miller-Valentine Group; Patrice Eby-Burke, Uptown Rentals; and Tom Rowe, Terrex Development & Construction
  • PR/MARKETING COMMITTEEpromotes ULI activities through media, advertising and other creative outlets
    Co-Chairs – Amanda Kladakis, Neyer Properties and Scott Allison, Topic Design
  • YLG STEERING COMMITTEEmanages activities for members under 35
    Co-Chairs – Jason Chamlee, The Model Group and Will Basil, Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority
    Members – Jared Wendling, Neyer Properties; Erica Spitzig, McMahon DeGulis; Michael Collins, CPS Consulting; and Megan Ryan, City of Cincinnati
  • EMERGING LEADERS COMMITTEEmanages the District Council’s Emerging Leaders program
    Co-Chairs – Nick Hoyng, Danis and Andrew Juengling, Liberty Township
  • MISSION & ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEEpromoting ULI’s mission, vision and core tactics
    Co-Chairs – Jim Zentmeyer, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. and Philip Denning, City of Cincinnati
    Members – Tom Rowe, Terrex Development & Construction; Cory Murner, Bayer Becker; Paula Dombrowski, Construction Process Solutions; Kurt Fullbeck, Ernst & Young; and Demetri Sampanis, CBRE
  • WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE – raise the visibility and number of women leaders in ULI and the real estate industry
    Co-Chair – Monica Gearding, Taft
    Members – Jessica Odenweller, Neyer Properties; Jen Walke, The Model Group; and Renee McFarlan, PM Environmental