Young Leaders Group

We are committed to providing emerging leaders in the area with educational programs and networking opportunities.

Young Leaders Group

The ULI Cincinnati Young Leaders Group (YLG) aspires to be the region’s leading young professional organization in the real estate and construction industry. Our mission is to provide educational programs and networking opportunities that lead to professional and leadership development for ULI members under the age of 35. We strive to foster idea-sharing, collaboration and thought leadership by connecting YLGs, industry leaders and local universities.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of YLG Cincinnati and our membership is growing! Opportunities for involvement include attending monthly coffees and happy hours, becoming a mentor to a university “Student Ambassador,” participating in the “Emerging Leaders” program, volunteering for community service initiatives, and joining the YLG committee. Association with YLG Cincinnati provides broad industry exposure to young professionals with an opportunity to distinguish themselves from colleagues and competitors.

For more information about YLG Cincinnati, please contact the ULI Cincinnati office at (937) 424-3310, email, or check out our Facebook page ( for the latest updates. We also encourage you to visit our national YLG website. Download a membership application or join online at

Emerging Leaders Class

The Program
The mission of the Urban Land Institute Emerging Leaders Program is to foster an exchange of professional ideas, friendship, and expertise among young industry professionals and experienced industry veterans. This program matches ULI – YLG members (“Mentees”) with experienced professionals (“Mentors”) for guidance and support, while offering Mentors an opportunity to strengthen ties with the future leaders of the Greater Cincinnati real estate community and the Urban Land Institute.

The Mentors and Mentees
The Class of 2018-2019 includes:

Amanda Kladakis and Tom Powers
Jennifer Walke and Peg Moertl
Daniella Beltran and Steve Kenat
Mike Heekin and Jeff Dietz
Joel Benedetti and Rick Kimbler
John Yung and Gregg Hothem

Prior Classes
The Class of 2012-2013 included Jason Chamlee, Chad Gagnon, Nick Hoyng and Cory Murner with mentors Lou George, Dave Neyer, Kevin Riley and Tom Rowe.
The Class of 2013-2014 included Victor Warnsley, Jim Lupidi, Jared Wendling, Christine Russell, Matt Nemecheck, and Will Basil with mentors Ed Ratterman, Charles Graves, Scott Golan, Doug Bolton, Brian Copfer and Bob Garlock.
The Class of 2014-2015 included Andy Juengling, Megan Ryan, Thomas Groenke and Jessica Odenweller with mentors Kevin Hughes, Dobbs Ackermann, Sean Suder and Darin Hall.
The Class of 2015-2016 included Kurt Shoemaker, Demetri Sampanis, Todd Ford and Andy Videkovich with mentors Christine Russell, Chad Munitz, Chris Dobrozsi and Marion Haynes.
The Class of 2016-2017 included Samantha Brockfield, Chris Schneider and Matt Jacob with mentors David Ginsburg, Jeff Raser and Shaun Bond.
The Class of 2017-2018 included Matt Obringer, Ryan Laber, Randy Schultz, Graham Mercurio, Tony Korvessis, Ken Oswald, Jim Zentmeyer and Rick Greiwe.

The Relationship
The ULI Emerging Leaders Program affords young and experienced professionals the opportunity to develop a dynamic relationship from which both Mentor and Mentee prosper. The ideal mentoring relationship is one that exceeds fact-finding and delves into personal knowledge and experience. In many cases, young professionals have certain career goals, but do not have the firsthand experience or insight on what to expect or how to achieve their goals. Mentors are invaluable resources in providing confidential counsel and instruction based upon their experiences. A partnership between Mentor and Mentee must be developed in order to promote a worthwhile mentoring relationship – the more committed the relationship, the more satisfaction is gained. Building professional and social relationships with one another is accomplished through monthly meetings and sponsored events designed specifically for Mentors and Mentees. The ULI YLG Emerging Leaders Program matches one Mentee per Mentor.

Roles and Responsibilities

These basic roles and responsibilities will ensure a successful relationship.

– Provide guidance and advice based on past business experiences.
– Create a positive counseling relationship and climate of open communication.
– Help Mentee identify problems and solutions.
– Lead protege through problem-solving processes.
– Offer constructive criticism in a supportive way.
– Share stories, mistakes, lessons learned, etc.
– Be honest about business expertise.
– Solicit feedback from Mentee.

– Shape the overall agenda for the relationship – know what you want!
– Establish realistic and attainable expectations.
– Be open in communicating with your Mentor.
– Establish priority issues for action or support.
– Have realistic expectations of your Mentor; don’t assume them to be an expert in every facet of business.
– Solicit feedback from your Mentor.
– Come prepared to each meeting.

If you are interested in the Emerging Leaders Program, email

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