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ULI Cincinnati’s “Initiative Accelerator” is a sponsorship program that allows sponsors at our platinum and gold levels to direct their sponsorship towards specific initiatives agreed upon by the District Council leadership and the sponsor.


The goal of “Initiative Accelerator” is twofold; one, to incentivize existing sponsors to  increase their sponsorship to higher levels because they know the additional funds go directly towards impact, and two, to maximize impact by allocating the sponsorship money directly to important initiatives. Many sponsors have expressed the desire for their sponsorship to go directly towards making a difference in our community, and the “Initiative Accelerator” allows companies to directly sponsor initiatives that matter to them and to the Greater Cincinnati region.


The “Initiative Accelerator” is part of ULI Cincinnati’s annual sponsorship campaign. However, it is specifically advertised at our Emerging Trends event in December.


At ULI Cincinnati, the “Initiative Accelerator” is done through personal outreach. The Advisory Board, the membership, and the District Council Leadership come up with several initiatives we will focus on for the year. For example, we originally choose the “100% Housing Initiative” and an initiative to increase programming at satellite councils. We have since added initiatives for transportation, membership diversity, and community based real estate education. Then, through personal outreach and advertising at events, ULI Cincinnati will connect with existing sponsors who would be interested in funding these initiatives. The sponsor agrees to a higher sponsorship level with the funds going towards the deliverable of the initiative. In exchange, the sponsor gets input in the initiative, opportunities for visibility and a personalized briefing on the progress of the initiative.

Best for…

Encouraging sponsors who are interested in making a difference in the community to fund specific initiatives designed to make impact. The ULI Cincinnati Advisory Board plays a crucial role in deciding what initiatives the District Council wants to focus on, as well as recommending sponsors who might be interested in each initiative.

If your company is interested in learning more about ULI Sponsorship and/or Accelerator opportunities, click here.

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