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The CEO Coffee: Tapping into a New Source For Collaboration

You don’t usually hear a lot about our local county government, but I found out that that’s good thing. It means that everything is running smoothly. There are many underlying systems that keep the county going – you just assume it’s going to work. Examples are voting, criminal justice, 911, Sheriff’s Department, and the Corner, to name a few. One person in particular who keeps it all going spoke to us today.

Jeff Aluotto, Hamilton County Administrator

Mr. Aluotto presented us with an update of what’s going on in Hamilton County. He started off with some strengths of Hamilton County along with a few areas that still need to be worked on a bit. A few of our strengths are our vitality, affordable living, and our schools.

Productive Conversations

The productive conversations that are had when faced with difficult problems to solve them.  A few of those, for instance, are the preschool promise, the streetcar, and the preservation of Union Terminal and Music Hall. This gives Hamilton County the ability to do multiple things at the same time. For instance, the Chamber was able to work on inclusion and diversity. MSD, along with the city and Hamilton County were able to work out the problem and get it heading in the right direction. And of course, the Western Hills Viaduct project moving forward.

On a more pessimistic side, we are dealing with an opioid problem and the foster care system issues, both which may have a another underlying issue that is not yet known. Bringing everyone together on this is a must for getting these two issues resolved.

Looking at 2018

The county faces many challenges in 2018. For instance a balanced budget repositioning state funds to committees, buildings and maintenance needs, and working with the employee base to address parking cost issues. Good news is that they will be breaking ground in December for the new crime lab.  Something that Hamilton County has needed a long time.

The rest of the CEO coffee was a Q&A session. Questions ranged from the banks update, information on the sales tax and news on FC Cincinnati and where they may be heading. While it was a Q&A session, it was also a chance to collaborate and see where Hamilton County and ULI can work together. The real question that Mr. Aluotto had for us, ULI members –  how can Hamilton County help?  What role can Hamilton County play to help our needs and economic development?  The question made me stop and think –  we aren’t just two organizations, we are a chance to unite to make Cincinnati better.

Join us at the next CEO Coffee in 2018. Visit cincinnati.uli.org for more information.


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