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18 Hour City Series #3: Regional Readiness

The third session of the 18 Hour City Series occurred on May 10 with the topic Regional Readiness. Johnna Reeder, President and CEO of REDI Cincinnati, led the discussion, and like the previous sessions, ULI Cincinnati used pigeonhole technology to create a fully interactive forum between the speaker and audience.

Reeder opened the session by explaining who REDI is, the organization’s capabilities and achievements. However, we learned most about the importance of educating site selectors on the attributes of our region. REDI has discovered the perceptions of site selectors are not factual unless they have had a prior experience with/in Greater Cincinnati. Site selectors are hired by corporations to scope the best locations for office and manufacturing growth, and REDI has calculated Greater Cincinnati will have a higher selection rate if the site selector has visited in advance. For example, ULI Members were asked, “What do you think Greater Cincinnati is best known for among national Site Selectors?” Results were:

The unfortunate truth is that site selectors unfamiliar with Greater Cincinnati believe the area is known for heavily unionized manufacturing. Bringing site selectors to Greater Cincinnati, as REDI did in March for the global Site Selectors Guild, is the number one way to change perceptions.

REDI continues to demonstrate the region’s ability to deliver a steady supply of development ready sites with accessible public transportation and strong talent. These are the foundational elements of regional readiness for economic growth.

Find out more about REDI Cincinnati at http://redicincinnati.com/.

What is ULI Cincinnati’s 18 Hour City Series?

18 Hour City Series is a creative problem-solving forum. The structure allows industry talent to engage with panelists to innovate around unique challenges and ideas. Our ULI Members are a diverse group of thought leaders. We are doers who design and solve for effective use of land and the built environment. Expert panelists will present contemporary thinking on a subject and together we will help form, create and sustain our 18 Hour City. Join us on July 12, 2018 to explore Contemporary Retail and Entertainment. Visit Cincinnati.uli.org for more information and to sign up.

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